Friday, June 1, 2007


(I would turn down the sound unless you can understand Russian)

How cool is this? It sure needs a better name than Skycar, but how cool could it be to roll/fly into work in one of these? This guy Paul Moller has been working for decades to get thing off the ground (couldn’t resist). I love that this guy heard about the idea of a flying car and was like “yeah, I could do that.” Of course he didn’t slap something together and call it a day. If you go to the site, there was version after version. The current design is pretty slick and has some motorcycle styling too. Much better than the flying saucer models of the 70s. But he is still at it, and I’m sure there are still people telling him he’s a little crazy. Good for him for having a dream and having the guts to see it through. As one of my gym teachers used to say, “can’t means won’t.” Maybe his gym teacher told him the same thing. Now he just needs to finish so I can have my flying car. And I would need the money to buy one. Hmmm, I guess he has a little more time then.

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