Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photoshop Express

The editing features on Photoshop Express are really, really fast. It’s amazing how many different effects you can apply at the same time like color saturation or soft focus. You can apply them accumulatively then you can -- at each step -- reverse your decision and when you are finally happy with what you have you can commit your changes. This is the photo editing software by far.

I uploaded one of my favorite pictures from France and touched up the color saturation (my camera has a tendency to wash out colors when there’s flash involved. It was super easy to specify how large the image should be on the embed instead of manually adjusting the height and width in the URL.

It’s still in beta, so it has some kinks to work out. But beta seems to be the new Gold Master these days. Umm, like Gmail. Love Gmail, but seriously, it’s still in beta? What’s it been, four or five years? I guess they think by leaving beta on a product, they insinuate that they are still working to improve it. Great, please do. And things on the web applications really don’t have version numbers. I get that. But please, take off the beta. It’s like leaving the screen protector on your new phone. Eventually you have to take it off and own it.

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