Friday, March 28, 2008

My Interview

Things went well at Holomove, I think. They asked a lot of questions about my background and what kind of problems I had to solve in the past yadda yadda, boring typical questions. I was thinking this wasn’t the company I thought it would be. Then there was some time just to solve puzzles. Not coding puzzles, but just physical puzzles. Like build a pyramid out of these weird shapes. And logic puzzles. Apparently it’s a way to assess my “divergent thinking.” Whatever. But that’s when I really started to have fun with it. I like how it was not just a traditional interview (not that I really know what that is). Feels like they want me to do more than just bang away on the keys all day. I might actually get to think. I think I answered all the questions correctly, but who knows. If I just get to solve puzzles all day, sign me up.

So then I got a tour of the place. It was a cool open office, except for a few rooms, you could pretty much see everyone working. And the gets lots of light. I was afraid it would be in some coding dungeon. The people that I met seem really nice, so I could definitely see myself working there. You have to get along with your coworkers, right? Anyway, I guess it’s up to them whether I am the right “fit” for the job.

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