Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1 week in

Yup, this my first full week at work, since I started on a Wednesday. The weekend was spent getting things arranged in my apartment. I think I’m pretty settled now. Sorry, in addition, to that I was dealing with some family issues of late, so posts have been more sparse than I hoped.

After interviewing and orientation, they finally let me know that Dr. Gough died in a scuba diving accident last year. It's horrible and I was really hoping to meet him. It would be nice to have a mentor around who knows how to stick to his guns and stick with it when he has a good idea. Sounds like he was a pretty focused guy. Here’s a little clip they played in orientation.


Unknown said...

Hey Nate! Funtastic Blog. Was this video of Dr. Gough shot inside his office there at Holomove?

codewtrN8 said...

Thanks man/woman. Funtastic was what I was going for. I would have also accepted Awesomous.

I don't know where the video was shot. I just know it wasn't all that recent, obviously.