Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puzzles huh?

So as part of my recruitment into Holomove, I had to go through all these puzzles. The founder of the company was all about puzzle so it's part of the company "ethos." Okay. But today while looking in the his office for some kind of inspiration (the office which is still completely intact which I find a little weird) I find this crossword puzzle.

Now Dr. Gough was supposed to be this big puzzle guy. But he's got this super simple puzzle on his desk. I am feeling like these guys built him up when really he just liked to do crossword puzzles in his spare time. I guess that's how myths start.


alex butterfield said...

Hi Nathan:

Interesting blog.

First I want to agree that it is pretty weird to keep someone's office completely intact. Why has this happened? Haven't you asked anyone about it?

Secondly, I'd like to propose to you that what is weirder is that a great puzzle-solver like Dr. Gough would even attempt a puzzle as easy as this crossword. Let alone that he would get answers wrong.

He was clearly hiding a message within this crossword, as people have detailed in your later post.

Following this logic it is fair to assume that Dr. Gough KNEW in advance that he was going to 'disappear' and that he left this coded message as a clue to the truth behind something, perhaps even his disappearance. Perhaps we could conclude that his death off the coast of Belize is suspicious, or that conversely he is not dead at all. (Which would explain why his office is not cleared out. For this theory to be true, someone in the office must know something.)

What do you say to that?

codewtrN8 said...

Thanks. I knew my blog would be interesting to me. Anyone else is just bonus.

I guess, in response, I will quote one of my professors: "You look like you need a shave. I think Occam has a razor." (Do they all take a course in corny jokes before they can teach?)

From what I know, people around here revered Dr. Gough. Even people who have arrived after he died get. He founded the company so it's hard to separate who he was from the company. To me, five months seems like a long time. But maybe I'd be more inclined to hold on to the past if I had been with him for years.

I don't know what to make of the crossword puzzle. Since I was recruited with an elaborate puzzle, I figured it was a puzzle they used in the past. I know my puzzle was taken down.

But you have given me something to think about. Please don't make me think too much. It's Friday.

alex butterfield said...

Don't make you think too hard? There could be a man's life at stake!

Just joking. Enjoy your weekend, and take it easy.

Got a question for you though... what's the picture in your blogger profile? I guess you photoshopped it, but what's the car explosion behind you about? Is it from a movie or something?

codewtrN8 said...

Oh, yup photoshopped. No good? I was just trying to do something a little different than a background of a beach or the moon.

Anonymous said...

This is very odd, sounds like something I do. Create a wondrous puzzle and make you all solve it. (Pray you don't)

Good Luck!