Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Audible sigh

I would be willing to let all this stuff go as kooky happenstance, but then there's this

which was the stack of notes and papers I like to call my non-traditional organization system. Obviously meant for me to find, obviously asking for something to be done without just asking. I have enough to do and enough to worry about. I got three calls from work while at lunch. I would like to just worry about one thing at a time (chew, swallow, then work). Actually I would like to not worry about anything. I am in serious need of a snow day. Damn sunny Southern California. I'm not sleeping enough, I am cranky, and work isn't fun anymore.


Anonymous said...

That paper looks like it needs to be folded, maybe put a crease between the D and 0, seperating them on opposite sides of the paper. From there I'm stumped, but the word Digg is there.

konamouse said...

I love origami. Try the classic 'crane'.

konamouse said...

Nate - there's another video you should see. Look at my blog.