Monday, May 12, 2008

Not so sure

Okay, between having too much fun with Eliza this weekend and nearly forgetting Mother's Day, I still have pestering thoughts about the crossword puzzle. If I follow Alex's logic, there's got to be something more to this puzzle. Something hidden important locate to me puts up two immediate questions: What is that something and Where should it be located?

As Greg and Scott pointed out, all the (intelligible) stuff in the puzzle is:

I am not sure what to do with Teddy Clippers etc. as it doesn't make any sense. The puzzle was just sitting out on Dr. Gough's desk. So it makes me think the answers are right in front of me. Maybe I'm just bugged by the fact that I didn't figure out the puzzle myself.


tvq said...
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Anonymous said...

L@@k in gmail.


alex butterfield said...

Hi Nate:

It turns out that the fake answers mean,

important: locate something hidden

and they are filled in over the real answers,

images community, random knowledge

this led a friend of mine to suspect that there might be an online image community where something important was hidden. and lo and behold, there is a flickr account by the name of randomknowledge. here's the link.

there is... wait for it... another a puzzle! (Which my friend has already solved.)

I don't want to ruin the puzzle for you, I know you're a fan, but as the crossword says, this is important.

The solved puzzle says: Holomove=Hollowmoves.

I think it's time to start sleeping with one eye open, ear to the ground and all that.

Let us know what you make of this equation. And take care!


Anonymous said...

I say go back to your random image that may contain something important through its hidden knowledge.

Yes I've looked at your other posts, I know what I'm talking about.