Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogging while you work

Well this was going to be my video post for yesterday. But every once in a while, they want me to do a little work around here. Go figure. And at the end of the day, I have plenty to occupy my time as you might imagine.

Anyway, George our CEO stopped by to thank me for some advice I gave him on IP phones. I just looked at a couple review sites and figured out what was the seemed to be right for his needs. I've never used one before, but IP -> computers -> developer -> Nate. He's a nice guy so I was happy to help. And being CEO, I doubt he really has time to look these things up. I might go mad if I were in meetings and on the phone as much as him. Gotta love the open office which lets anyone and everyone just swing on by.

And thanks for the twitter adds, but there's been nary a tweet. I am already struggling to keep up with the blogging thing. Twittering might overwhelm my positronic matrix.


Celina said...

Hey Nate... is everything OK? Looking a bit... stressed there..

Anonymous said...

Hi Nate, Great job on the blog. You're keeping things interesting and in perspective. By the way, I think you'll love Twitter once you get used to it. Can be a little overwhelming at first, but you'll quickly become addicted. it's great for polling friends/colleagues quickly, jotting down ideas, and spreading the word on breaking news. Think of it as a mini-blog. You might also like TwitterFeed and Twhirl. Both make twittering MUCH easier.
Hope your weekend went well.